Thursday 10 October 2013

Out of the Comfort Zone

Sometimes it's nice to stay in your comfort zone and tootle along nicely.  But every now and then it's good to challenge yourself and be daring.  Obviously I'm not talking about mountain climbing, taking up snowboarding or anything risky like that, I'm a happy-at-home sort of girl.  No, what I'm talking about is knitting patterns! Although I have found that some knitting patterns can be a bit scary and risky!

Anyway, for years and years I have been a faithful follower of Kim Hargreaves and her wonderful fitted and styled knits but this year I've wanted to try something fresh and new, something different.  Step up Kate Davies!

Her patterns are wonderfully explained and always provide a challenging new technique to give you goosebumps (although I'm not sure I'm brave enough for steeks yet).  I've made a few of her hats and now I've bought her ebook - Colours of Shetland.

Full of detail and lots of narrative on the background inspiration for the patterns.  Here are some of my favourite patterns.

Northmavine Hap

Northmavine Hoody

Ursula Mittens

Scatness Tam

Scatness Tunic

Ursula Cardigan

The Northmavine Hap should be finished this weekend - sewn cast off to try.  Then I have my eye on the Scatness Tam, although the mittens would be useful,because it's suddenly gone cold here.

I'm still working on my seamless sweater pattern, and in fact have been inspired to adapt what I was doing by a suggestion from one of Kate's patterns.  I'm on the second sleeve at the moment but the lovely Hap distracted me!

It may not be world changing but I'm feeling like an intrepid explorer - even though I haven't left the house.  Bring on the next challenge.

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  1. Good for you, I too love my little comfort zone, and like to try something new.I have been trying to learn lots of crochet techniques.your hat you have made is a achivement, now your ready for the next challenge!


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