Friday, 18 October 2013

Patchwork... But, Maybe Now Embroidery

I had some spare time yesterday, so I thought I'd make this week's scrap challenge over at Samelia's Mum - a double tulip pincushion.

I do love patchwork but my skill level is probably only intermediate, at best.  This was surprisingly quick to make and looks quite effective.  I may try some more patchwork / quilting but then again....

I popped into the library this morning and borrowed this book.

It's called The Hand Stitched Home and it's by Caroline Zoob.

There are lots of lovely projects with fun embroidery details to stitch as well as ideas for using vintage embroidery.

Now I'm thinking I'd love to do one of these - but what about the mittens I've started knitting, the crochet squares to make a blanket (started just the other day) and not forgetting the seamless sweater, now languishing at the bottom of the knitting bag!

Better switch the laptop off and get going!!


  1. Love your pincushion. I was thinking about having a go, but it did look quite tricky. That book does look lovely. My library has a very limited selection of craft books, and I have had nearly all of them out.

  2. Your patchwork skills are very, very good I love the latest piece you have made.I think its good to mix and match lots of crafts.The stack of projects you have began, will be done in no time x.


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