Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Farewell Beloved Tree

When we moved into our home - nearly thirty years ago, there was a delightful blue cedar in the front garden.  It was probably about ten years old at the time.

Over the years it has grown and grown (as trees should).  Unfortunately, it had grown and grown too much and we had problems - it was too near the house and the roots were starting to behave very badly.

View(?) from Eve's window

We had to take the difficult decision to say goodbye.

One last hug

Almost gone

Now, the front of the house is so much brighter.  There are no pesky needles from the tree to tread into the hallway.  And the paving stones are all level again (they had been a serious trip hazard to the postman!).

We'll miss it - nowhere to hang the bunting or do a little yarn bombing - but we have to move on.


  1. I'm sorry your tree had to go but the space does look nice now. Is it a courtyard? Do you have a fence around it to separate it from the street? I'm just curious about the layout. I'm always curious about houses in other places. :)

    1. The area is fenced. I'm hoping in the Spring I'll have some good ideas to add extra colour now that the are is opened up.

  2. So sad. I have one too which is in the middle of my front lawn. It has become very large so I think it is time to have it reduced in size. Not near enough the house to cause any problems I think. The needles are a mess though.

  3. How sad. You could always plant a new sapling!


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