Wednesday 4 September 2013

So Where Am I Up To?

Now that Grace is happily settled into her new home in Sheffield, I can turn my thoughts back to the various (and numerous) projects that are currently awaiting attention.  Here are some of my WIPs.

My colourful multi-stitch blanket from the crochet along with Jules over at little woollie is coming on a treat.

I'm planning on working on section #9 this evening.  Shouldn't be too long now before it's finished.

I've also been working on another wrap.  After the last shawl I did say I wasn't interested in making another one but the ball of wool pleaded with me to buy it - and who am I to refuse.

It was a 150g ball of wool (nicely reduced in price) and I planned to keep going until the wool ran out.

As you can see it has run out - with about 75 stitches still to cast off.  I've got something similar in colour so it shouldn't be a problem getting this finished.

I'm almost there on the sweater I'm knitting.  The pattern is Salina by Kim Hargreaves but I'm knitting it seamlessly, bottom-up.

So far so good, but making sure I rewrite the pattern correctly for the armholes is proving a bit stressful.  Hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

I'll let you have full details of these patterns when I've finished the projects.

Finally, I've just finished this cute little crocheted fox.

It will be a birthday present for one of Eve's friends.

It's one of my own patterns so I'll write up the details as soon as I can to share with you.  

Wow, it's good to see that most of these projects are nearly completed.  A good enough excuse to start some new projects!

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  1. I love that blanket! So pretty! All of your work is so lovely. Cute scrap projects too. Best wishes, Tammy


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