Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sheffield Here She Comes...

Yesterday was moving day for Grace.

They should have given us a hire van with elastic walls because we could have done with squeezing in a bit more.

Look at all this lovely space in the new flat.

Now filled with all Grace's stuff (thankfully no longer in our dining room).  I was too polite to take any photos of the pile of boxes and bags now filling her spare bedroom!

A very successful move - oops apart from forgetting to take the cutlery!

There is still a significant amount of "stuff" to be moved.  We're off for a visit one day next week so we can load up the car and take this with us.  Hopefully I can then get back in control - so much to do, so much started and not finished, so much promised and still to do.  I suppose life would be very boring if I was actually in control all the time!

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