Sunday, 25 August 2013

Apple Cosy

Many years ago I crocheted some apple cosies for the girls' school packed lunches.  Very useful and they have continued to be useful long after the girls have left school.

Following our trip to the cricket match a few weeks ago, I discovered that one of the cosies was missing.  I think I may have accidentally thrown it in the rubbish bin with the apple core!

Oh well - I always try to be positive - turn my lemons into lemonade.  So - an excellent opportunity to make a new apple cosy!

I've been deprived of Fair Isle knitting recently as I am using up stashed yarn to make a plain sweater.  So some Fair Isle knitting was just what I needed for my new cosy.

I used my favourite Rowan yarn - fine tweed.  The lovely turquoise and bright pink are two of the latest colours to be added to the range.

How I miss Fair Isle knitting - I may have to make some more!


  1. Very William Morris - both beautiful and useful!


  2. Very cute. Did you just make the pattern up yourself?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I did make it up - mostly trial and error.

  3. That is such a cute idea, I might have to think about crocheting some.

  4. What a sweet little apple cosy! I love knitting but have never tried fair isle, it looks really pretty.
    M x

  5. cor, that's a really cool idea. stops them getting so bumped about in a bag too. will have to try!


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