Sunday 29 September 2013

Elizabeth Cat

So, I made a fox for one of Eve's friends for her birthday.  This created quite a stir with her other friends.

Then someone else put in a request for a crocheted something for her birthday.  I can never refuse, so I have made a lime green cat!

For the fox, I made my own pattern because I couldn't find anything already out there that I liked.  However for the cat, I found a pattern that fitted what we wanted.  This pattern is called Amineko Crocheted Cat and it is available free, here.

Our cat is called Elizabeth and we had great fun posing her for the photos.

I’m sure it will keep Eve and her university friends amused for hours!

And I'm also sure it won't be the last of the requests - but I love getting them!


  1. Love your photos. That is a very cool cat.

  2. So fun! Did you use pipe cleaners to make the arms poseable!?

    1. Hi Megan,
      I didn't use pipe cleaners. Only the hands and feet are stuffed so the arms and legs remain flexible. It was very easy to pose - I think the cat is a bit of a show off!


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