Tuesday 2 October 2012

New Beginnings

Well, it's finally happened, Eve has gone away to University.  Last week seemed to drag on as we tried to get ourselves organised and packed.  It was a bit of a squeeze getting everything in the car but we set off at 5.30am on Saturday morning and arrived at Cambridge University at 10am.

Eve's room is lovely - very spacious and it was refurbished over the summer so everything looks nice and new.

Look at that gorgeous window seat.

Lots of storage space.

After we had helped her unpack we left her to settle in.  She seems to have done so very quickly and has made lots of new friends - and there have been plenty of activities organised for them.

How lucky she is to have the experience of studying at Cambridge.  I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time and  I know she will appreciate this amazing opportunity that has come her way through all her hard work - we are so proud of her.

My husband and I decided to stay in Cambridge for a further two nights rather than rush back home - our first few days of being 'empty-nesters'.

It was lovely to walk along the river and stroll through the city.

We also visited the Fitzwilliam Gallery and the Sedgwick Museum (Earth Sciences museum).

I saw lots of wonderful rocks and fossils and took loads of photos

 - but I won't bore you with them all - as my husband said, after he had to look through the numerous photos I'd taken, "You got carried away there, didn't you!"

We're now back home and it's going to take a while to get used to only two of us being here.  I'm looking at it in a positive light and planning new projects and adventures - a new beginning for me, not just for Eve.


  1. I love the pictures of Eve's room - looks so spacious :D x

  2. Good luck to you all with your new beginnings! This post did give me a lump in my throat though. Eve is very lucky with her room. Best wishes. :) x

  3. I live not far from Cambridge, I am sure she will love it. It is a place ideal for students as everything is fairly central and their are loads of students because of all the colleges. wish her luck


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