Friday 5 October 2012

Cute Heart

I'm not in a knitting mood at the moment.  Just can't work up the enthusiasm to pick up the needles.  The Fair Isle vest is feeling very neglected.  I need to make an effort to get it finished 

What I am enjoying at the moment is crocheting.  It's funny how knitting and crocheting vary with mood.  Crocheting is very much in the ascendancy at the moment.

I bought a copy of Inside Crochet magazine, issue 33 and felt very inspired by the patterns.

As a last minute gift for Eve to take away I crocheted the Lavender Heart pattern by Tracey Todhunter.

The pattern calls for aran weight yarn which would make a heart about 9 inches across. I used dk yarn and mine ended up about 7 inches.

It was a lovely quick pattern - very enjoyable.  I'm going to make some more because they are so cute.

I also finished off a hot water bottle cover that Eve had started but lacking enthusiasm hadn't managed to finish 

The heart is now in place on the mantelpiece in her room at university, together with the hot water bottle cover and the blanket I made for her.

It's good to know that she has so much woolliness with her at university - a home from home.

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  1. I recognise that bunting!

    I'm the opposite of you at the moment - not much crocheting going on here.

    Maybe you just need some Mochimochi to get you back knitting :D x


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