Wednesday, 19 September 2012


As I have mentioned a few times, Eve is off to university at the end of next week.  Today her friend, Emma, who she has known since her first day at primary school, 14 years ago, goes away to Cardiff University.  They have been in the same class throughout their entire school life.

This has had a big emotional impact - the biggest change in their lives so far is now taking place.  It is a difficult time - excitement but also apprehension and even, at times, terror.

I made her this little card for some reassurance - with a simple embroidered message.

Sometimes, when you are feeling apprehensive and your confidence is low, it isn't enough to know you are loved, being liked can be just as important.

I'm sure emotional levels will reach fever pitch by the end of next week - not just for Eve - it's a big change for us all.

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  1. oh that's so lovely. What a sad time for you, but it'll be Christmas before you know it and she'll be back!


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