Monday, 3 September 2012

I Love Fair Isle

I love Fair Isle so much.  It just has a life of its own.  You start off with an idea of the colours you wish to use, the patterns you want to incorporate and the overall design - but once you start knitting it up something completely new emerges that seems to create itself.

My latest Fair Isle project is for a V-necked slipover.  I was inspired by the Ralph Lauren Autumn 2012 collection.  I wanted to use up odds and ends of DK yarn from my stash, so inevitably my colour scheme was to be based on pink and burgundy - with a touch of blue.  This, however, is what has developed.

I just love the way the colours dictate to me how they want to be knitted up.  They can be quite bossy and insistent!

Hopefully I'll have this finished soon and then I can start yet another new Fair Isle!


  1. hello..... arent you clever. looks complicated to me! your Aunt Hilary gave me your blog address as i live in the same village.

    1. Hi Olive. Lovely to meet you. Say hello to everyone in Stoney Stanton for me.


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