Sunday, 6 May 2012

Don't Stop Me Now

I'm always on the look out for some inspiration - a picture in a magazine, an idea seen on someone's blog, something spotted whilst out for a walk.  It's a wonderful feeling when a creative idea hits you and you just have to grab your wool and make something.

I had just such a feeling yesterday morning.  I had just had my breakfast and was waiting my turn in the shower when... I thought about a picture in a magazine I'd seen for a fabric corsage - I could crochet something like that!  So I did....

And then I made another one...

And another...

And yet another...

I finally stopped at twelve!

By using a combination of solid colour and a complimentary variegated yarn I think they look quite impressive.

They are so simple to make, just two flowers sewn together with a button on top and a safety pin on the back.

I'll type up the pattern and share it with you shortly.

Eve and her friends are coming to the end of their school days - they will be finishing school soon to work on revision for their exams - so these little brooches will be a great little gift for her to give out on the last day to all her friends - a nice little memento.  

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  1. What absolutely gorgeous little flowers. I love your colour combinations and will look forward to the pattern. Just beautiful. xoxox


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