Tuesday 9 August 2011

Family Treasure

I am currently working on tracing my family tree - great fun and very addictive.  My Mum has just lent me a shoebox full of old family photos. 

Eve and I spent a wonderful evening studying them.

This one is our favourite. 

It is of my great grandparents, William Edward and Eliza Ann and their first-born son, Charlie, taken in about 1895. 

We also loved this one of my Nan (on the right) and her cousin Dorothy, taken in 1929 - a couple of thoroughly modern gals. 

Dorothy's Louise Brooks hairstyle is lovely.

The photos really bring the family tree to life - real family treasure.


  1. Photos do bring the family tree to life. Your family pictures look like they are in pretty good condition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Am I the only one that can see a resemblance between yourself and the lady on the left of the photograph? I think it is quite striking having seen your photographs on here :)


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