Sunday, 21 August 2011

Another Doily

I love doilies - quick and fun to make. 

Here's another I've made recently.

The pattern is called Tea Time by Denise Augostine.  It is available for free, here.  The pattern calls for two colours but I used all white.

Very pretty and so easy to make.  Doilies are also very portable - this one came with me to Paris - great to work on whilst travelling.


  1. Lovely, with only one color. Quite elegant.

  2. I love it! I've been looking for my next doily pattern to try--this might be it!

  3. I LOVE her patterns! I made the tea time doily too, also in one color. But it was a variegated thread. Super cute!

  4. Oh this takes me back. My Grandma made tons of these and in my silly youth I just didn't appreciate them.... I do knit though...just colorful microwave hot holders (at least that's what I call them). Thanks for the post.

  5. Hi, I've just stumbled across this and love the pattern. I'm going to upscale it to a big old doily rug. I have a question about the special stitches (beg cl and cl) though - I'm basically not too clear on the instructions. Could you please help explain them at all?

    1. How did your doily rug go? I just started one using this pattern too. What did you use for yarn? I'd love to see a picture of it.

  6. Hi CooCooNest,
    The beg cl is only used at the start of a round and sets the first cluster. The cl is the full cluster that is worked for the rest of the round.

  7. Ooh, beautiful!! I think your choice of going with one color was a good one. Very nice handiwork! Great job! And I will be making this sometime soon!


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