Monday 24 January 2011

Sugar Mice

Sometimes it's good to revisit old patterns. I have a book by Jean Greenhowe called Knitted Toys from 1986. Back in the days when access to patterns was very limited, this was the height of sophistication in toy patterns! The patterns are very simple and colourful - I have in the past made quite a few projects from the book.

This weekend I decided to make some mice. The book features mamas and babes - bees, hedgehogs, ladybirds and mice. I made six baby mice, and here they are.

Each mouse took about twenty minutes to knit. The body is knitted flat in one piece with a twisted cord for the tail.

I used embroidery floss for the facial features - this gives a more detailed and delicate finish.

They are very sweet- so I've called them my sugar mice.


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