Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hats for Hilary

Happy New Year, everyone! I've been quiet the last few days because unfortunately I started the year off very unwell! You know you're not well when you haven't even the strength to lift your knitting needles! Today I am feeling a lot bouncier - almost back to normal - so I had better start catching up with things.

On Christmas Day I like to start a new project sitting in front of the television - something relatively straightforward. This year I decided to design and make a hat. I'll let you see the photos and the pattern once I'm organised and have it all typed up.

By coincidence, my cousin Hilary sent a message in her Christmas card asking about hats with earflaps. My hat doesn't have earflaps but I've found a few patterns that might be of interest.
The first pattern is called Thorpe Hat, and is by Kirsten Kapur. The pattern is available as a PDF download and can be accessed here.
It is knitted in chunky yarn so should knit up quickly and can be made plain or with a fair isle pattern. This pattern seems to be very popular on Ravelry which is usually an indication that it's a good pattern.

The second pattern is for a basic earflap hat - plenty of scope to customise. It is by Julie Hentz and is knitted in aran weight yarn.

The pattern is available free here.

Lastly I liked the look of this hat with the pompom. It's called Bibbity Bobbity and is by Cassandra Dominick.
It is knitted in a worsted/heavy DK weight yarn and is available free here.

Hilary, I hope these patterns are useful/inspiring/thought-provoking - I'm tempted to try one myself!

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