Tuesday 15 June 2010

Fair Isle Fun

I love knitting Fair Isle. I love playing with the colours and patterns. I have been wanting to make a Fair Isle tammy for some time now, so recently I had a go.

As you can see it isn't really a tammy, more of a slouchy beanie. Nevertheless it's very wearable and I'm pleased with the patterning.

I used oddments from my stash of Rowan Scottish 4 ply Tweed. This wool is ideal for Fair Isle knitting - it has a lovely rustic feel to it. I also used this yarn in my Rose vest.

Unfortunately this yarn is now discontinued. I went into John Lewis in Liverpool last week and their wonderful knitting consultant searched the store room for me and came up with the remaining 6 balls they had. I shall be very sorry when it's all used up. Hopefully Rowan will replace it with something similar.

I'm now knitting another Fair Isle hat - this time for Eve. I've adjusted the shaping, based on the first hat, so this one should look more like a tammy. Working out the pattern is fun. There seems to be an awful lot of maths involved. The hats tend grow fairly organically - I don't plan too far ahead with the colours - just join in the colours as and when they look right.
As you can see, I'm knitting this on straight needles rather than in the round. I'm afraid circular needles and DPNs leave me cold. It means a seam up the back, but I'm OK with this.

I had planned on writing out the pattern for the finished tammy - assuming I get it right this time - however, I'm not sure I would begin to know how to explain the shaping and as for trying to chart the patterns - well, that may be beyond my skills. I shall have to see when the latest one is finished.

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  1. A very nice hat with a wonderful pattern.
    Greetings from the south of Germany



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