Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day to you all - a day to celebrate, not just Mums, but all women - because we are so wonderful!

I hope you are having a good weekend.

As part of my Mothers' day gift to my Mum, I made her a crocheted coat hanger.  This one has lovely rainbow stripes.

I added one of my floral embellishments, which I think finishes it off nicely.

I have partly typed up the pattern for the floral embellishment and I will finish it and publish it shortly, but you will have to forgive me this week - as it is my birthday week (how many days in a week?  eight, nine?) I am busy treating and spoiling myself.  Normal service will be resumed shortly - well, at least whenever I decide that the birthday week is finally over.

May your week be filled with treats, even if it isn't your birthday.  X


  1. Love the colourful coat hanger - a perfect gift.

  2. Lovely gift Janet. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Have a lovely mothers day x

  4. It's so pretty Janet I bet your Mum loved it I hope you've had a lovely Mother's day, Happy Birthday! and have lots of fun celebrating for as long as you deem fit. :) xx

  5. Best wishes for Mothers Day and your Birthday. Love the embellishment on the hanger, it would make great headbands for the girls.


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