Saturday, 3 October 2015

An Early Weekend

Today I am catching up on all the jobs and housework I haven't been doing over the past two days.  I took my weekend early this week, on Thursday and Friday, so now it's payback time.

Thursday was officially a knitting day.  I had a wonderful time sitting out in the garden in the glorious sunshine, casting on to my heart's content.

First there's Swallowtail, a gorgeous lacy shawl pattern.  I'm using a beautiful lace-weight yarn I bought at Yarndale specially for this project.

Look at those beautiful, delicate colours.

I then knitted up a mini sock yarn sweater - to join the previous two, this one and this one,  that I've made that will eventually become bunting.  I used one of the mini skeins that Grace and I bought between us at Yarndale, I can't wait to knit up the other colourway.

And because knitting shawls is so much fun, I then cast on for another one.  For this one I'm using a pattern called The Love of a Pirate and more of the Yarndale goodies.  Again, I get quite giddy looking at the lovely colours.

Then in the evening, just for a bit of variety, I cast on some socks!

What a wonderful day, how lucky I am to be able to spend my time like this.  I am constantly counting my blessings.

On Friday my husband and I had a little road trip to North Wales.  First we visited St Asaph.  We had a picnic by the river and visited the tiny cathedral.

Then we went on to Rhyl.  The dress I'm wearing is the one I made in September.  It's the same pattern (Simplicity 2444) I used for my bed sheet dress and also this dress.  I love the style, it's so comfortable to wear.

We walked along the promenade.

Had a paddle in the sea (I can't believe it's actually October and yet still so warm).

Then just sat and enjoyed the lovely warm sunshine.

Obviously I had some knitting with me.  This is a cardigan I started knitting back in August, but I'm now having second thoughts about the pattern so it may not progress much further.

We ended our day with a lovely meal of fish and chips (what else could you eat at the seaside!)

A most enjoyable early weekend, but now I need to get on with some ironing!  I hope that your weekend will be as lovely as mine was.


  1. I love the lacy shawl and the seaside pics. I love the sea but I went to little times to the sea. I must change that :-)

  2. What a lovely day out - lovely to sit on the beach and knit. I especially love those mini yarn balls - what fun. x

  3. I love that you immediately got busy knitting! All great things too of course. Your dress looks fabulous on you! xx

  4. Love the new dress, worn with t-shirt underneath. Looks great with your black tights. Such a lovely day too. I'm putting off buying any tights yet....I hate having to get them on and off ! ha ha.

  5. I love all your makes the colours are lovely, your dress is very impressive I wish I could make something for myself that I could be happy with but I'm never satisfied with the results. Lovely seaside pictures I'm glad you had such a nice time. :)

  6. Im loving all of your latest knitting projects x

  7. Janet you are adorable in your cute dress and with all your new knitting projects.

  8. How lovely to get back to some knitting, and to have a trip away.

  9. I did smile, I wasn't surprised you were back to knitting after your break but how many projects...Your looked lovely in your dress, very stylish.

  10. What a lovely day out at the seaside! Your dress is lovely and really suits you, and all your new knitting projects look so pretty and colourful.
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox

  11. So enjoyed this post, I just had to send you a Thank You! I lived in St. Asaph for 20 years before moving to the US. Seeing these pictures brings back many happy memories. Thank you again.

    1. So glad you loved the pictures, it is a beautiful little city.

  12. The photos are not high quality so I can't see the true colors of your crochets. But I love the sweater that is lovely and cute.

    Barbara at

  13. could you help me with reading the charts from the swallowtail shawl??

    1. Certainly Lynn. Email me and let me know exactly what help you need.


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