Friday, 7 August 2015

A Garden Snippet

The weather is horrible, up here in the north west of England.  It's very windy, lots of showers and decidedly cool.  It's just not summer.

This being the case, and the fact that I am a fair weather gardener, I haven't ventured out much.  Far better to sit in and knit.

I did pop out recently, to take some photos.  In my garden I have two honeysuckle bushes.  Unfortunately, they are very disappointing in terms of  the flowers they produce - small and unscented.  But once the flowers have finished, the bushes are adorned with thousands of bright red berries.  Lovely and shiny.

Once they have ripened they are a favourite treat for the blackbirds.  I can watch them pecking away at the berries as I sit in the warmth and comfort of the house with my knitting.

If the weather ever improves I will do some gardening - but not today.


  1. Same here in Derby , Janet. Quickly popped out to cut the grass, which was about 8 inches tall . Just put the flymow away and its raining again. I'm afraid my veg is suffering and the tomatoes,though lovely, aren't ripening. Too cold and damp.

  2. How different the weather is in the south! It has rained but not like you are reporting, today is sunny so far. I hear it's a heat wave all round next week:) Love those berries, I don't have any honeysuckle, but I do have a shed that needs covering hmmm.....

  3. We seem to be getting the wind but not as cold as it was managed to get out and about with the grand children. My garden is in need of some TLC.

  4. I had no idea honeysuckle bushes had berries, they are very pretty. I am a fair weather gardener myself and it is far to hot and wet out here in Florida for me to venture very far into the garden. The weeds are reproducing at a rapid speed!


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