Friday, 26 September 2014

Some Cross Stitching

Before I tell you about the little cross stitch picture I've been working on, I've been asked about the pattern for the doily I made the other day.

The pattern is from a book by Melody Griffiths called 201 Crochet Blocks, Motifs, projects and Ideas.  I had previously borrowed this book from my local library and I know it is a fabulous book.  I no longer have the book on loan but some one has uploaded pictures of the pages onto the internet.  I think this may be a breach of copyright, but I'm not sure.  The pictures of all the motifs are also on Pinterest.

The motif I used for my doily is called Fan Border Medallion.  You can see details of this pattern on Ravelry, here.  The webpage with the pages from Melody Griffiths book is here, scroll down and the one I used is on page 36 of the book.

As an alternative to the woolly crafts, I've been doing some cross stitch embroidery lately.  I used to do tons of cross stitching and I still have lots of cross stitching magazines that I had bought or been given over the years.  I found a lovely little house motif  and thought I'd make it up... and here it is.

It has a home-spun feel to the design, which I like.

I've got a nice hanger to attach it to and I may add some embellishments.  I'll let you see the finished project shortly.


  1. Its lovely, you have many talents. Have a great weekend.

  2. ooh it's lovely! I really like the design :)

  3. Cute! I've been working on a massive cross-stitch project lately, too! I'm hoping it will be a Christmas gift for my sister, but we'll see if it's done in time...


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