Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Doily a Day...

..keeps the boredom at bay!

Well, I'm back on track with the knitted skirt.  I'm making good progress and, yes, it is quick to knit - but...  plain stocking stitch, yawn, yawn, it's so boring.

I don't know what went wrong with the colour here, but
it's not as pink as this in real life!

OK, it's good for knitting whilst watching something on Netflix, or reading a book, no thinking required, but not very exciting any other time.

So I had to have a little distraction.  Something with a bit of colour in it  and requiring some but not a lot of concentration.

This little doily is based on something I saw on Pinterest.   (I have to confess, that sometimes Pinterest can produce a bit of an inspiration overload.  My "Stuff I Want To Make" board grows on a daily basis!)

It was quick to make  and provided just enough distraction in the afternoon to make me happy to return to the stocking stitch skirt in the evening.

Do you have any little tricks for getting through your work-in-progress?


  1. A nice pot of tea usually does the trick, then of course there are the biscuits or cake, it would be rude not too...

    1. How true. Tea and cake solves most problems.

  2. Hi Have you done a pattern for your doily it is really nice

    1. Hi Janet,
      The pattern I used was from a book by Melody Griffiths. I'll put up details in a new post shortly.


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