Monday 20 January 2014

Continuing With the Little Green Table

Following on from the little bootees I made for my side table, I've been planning and plotting what else to make to prettify the little dear.

I've decided it needs a tablecloth to soften the edges and so I plan to crochet up a dainty little beauty based on a bedspread pattern on Ravelry, here.  The pattern is by Mimi Atanasova and is free.

Here's the pattern picture for the bedspread from Ravelry.  

I'm using a finer thread and I reckon I'll need twenty five squares to fit my table.  One down, twenty four to go.

They would also make pretty coasters if the thought of a tablecloth or bedspread is too overwhelming.


  1. My goodness you have talent and patience, do not think I could make more than one x

  2. That is a gorgeous square and will make a stunning cloth. Keep going with it - it will be worth it. May I ask where you got the pattern from ? xox

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

  3. Woo that is gonna be awesome when finished. :)


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