Tuesday, 21 January 2014

An Unusual Bookend

My attention is still on the little green table.  The tablecloth will take some time to finish, but in the meantime I've made a bookend to stop my Latin books falling off the edge.

Within this stripy crocheted wonder is a wave-battered house brick that I picked up on the beach some time ago.  The brick has been hiding in a corner of the living room ever since waiting to be prettified.

Our beach is littered with bricks and rubble.  After the Second World War, the bomb-damaged houses from the centre of Liverpool were cleared and the rubble dumped up the coast.  Over the years the bricks and old tiles and various ceramic objects have been worn smooth by the sea and spread themselves out over the beach.  We've had a few interesting finds over the years.

So my house brick has had an interesting life - and now sits out its old age in a pink and yellow striped coat!

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