Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mollie Makes - Farewell

The latest edition of Mollie Makes magazine has just come through the letterbox.

I have had a subscription to this magazine for the past year but this is the last edition I will receive as I will not be renewing the subscription.

The magazine was lovely and colourful, and at first, very inspiring, but after a few copies it became obvious that each month was predictably the same.

So as a final farewell to Mollie Makes I want to end on a positive note by highlighting the good things about the latest edition.

Firstly I like the idea of revamping an old T-shirt with crochet sleeves.

Eve loved this picture of a pug plushie.

Glorious yarn-bombing - I adore this idea.

And finally, cute idea for covering an old stool.

And it's - So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.


  1. I couldn't agree more...the magazine has become more and more insipid with it's ideas. Things children would like rather than adults. Quite overdone and ridiculous. How many stuffed animals does one crafter need?

  2. Hi Janet, I bought Mollie Makes once when I was in England and didn't even bring it back home with me! Maybe I was just unlucky but it didn't inspire me at all. I've noticed the same company is publishing all sorts of craft magazines, I suppose they're responding to demand but I wouldn't subscribe to them. The Internet is so full of interesting and often free patterns and ideas I don't see the point. I'm still looking forward to having a look through them during my next visit to the UK, though.

  3. Hi Janet, have to say l felt the same about the magazine and l didn't renew. Obviously, l've kept my old issues to refer back to :)

    Hugs xx

  4. I agree - I had a subscription, but no longer...


  5. Have you seen Crafty? Might be of interest!

  6. I bought one copy here in Australia and was sadly disappointed. Now I just flick through them at the newsagent.


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