Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cockleshell Wrap

Now that I'm back in full knitting mode, I find that I am starting more projects than I am finishing - typical.  So it is always a good feeling when one project finally comes off the needles.

My latest finished project is a beautiful woollen wrap.  It features a striped cockleshell pattern that was most interesting to knit.

The pattern is based on Kate Davies's cowl pattern called BMC (Betty Mouat Cowl).  I knitted mine flat rather than in the round in order to make a wrap rather than the cowl.  I extended the stripes in the pattern to make the wrap wider.

In all I used 12 different colours of Rowan's wonderful Fine Tweed, a 100% wool 4 ply.

Full details of the project can be found over at Ravelry, here.

It's still cold and windy out there - so I'm glad I have my new wrap to keep me warm! If there are any positives to take from this awful weather it's that I have a wonderful excuse to knit more warm cardigans!!


  1. I hope my startitis isn't contagious!

    I love the colours of your wrap :D xxx


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