Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow and Cottage Gardens

Where is Spring?  It should be just around the corner.  Instead we have freezing weather and snow.

Today at least the sun is shining and if you look closely you can see the buds on the trees.

On the bright side, all this cold weather means days in the warmth, knitting and crocheting.

Having received a Kindle for Christmas, I have finally got round  knitting a cover for it.  I used Rowan fine tweed, a 4 ply yarn and had fun mixing and matching colours and Fair Isle patterns.

This is the end result.  

I think it reminds me of a cottage garden in full bloom and I really like the effect.  

Next, I think I might make a bag using this same idea. My stash of Rowan Fine Tweed was gratefully increased with presents of more of the yarn from Grace and Eve for my birthday so I have plenty of colours to work with.  


  1. I love the colours of the kindle cosy! I agree that cold days should be spent inside with a cuppa and some yarn x

  2. oooooh I like your kindle cover , better than my black leather bought one , btw i have nominated you for an award , no pressure though

  3. I love your kindle cover - 'though I don't have a kindle it would make a lovely gift - do you have a pattern for it?

    Kathy, FRANCE

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I didn't write down the pattern for the Kindle cover. I didn't even make a note of the number of stitches I cast on! I'm usually better organised than that! I shall have to work it out and draw up the charts for the Fair Isle patterns then I'll publish it.
      Best wishes,


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