Thursday, 21 March 2013

Forever Winter

Although this year seems to be flying by, I think we are in some kind of time warp, where it is permanently winter - when will the warmer weather arrive?

The last few days we've had some jolly times, despite the weather.  On Sunday we drove down to Cambridge to collect Eve (it was snowing quite heavily on the way down!)  It was wonderful to see her again - we hadn't seen her for 9 weeks (Skype doesn't count!).  Whilst we were there, we popped into Corpus Christie College for a quick inspection - very nice college.

We drove back in the evening - 400 mile round trip - thankfully, no snow but still very cold.

The next day was Eve's birthday.  We met up with Grace in Liverpool city centre and visited the Art Gallery.

See the colourful plastic pigeons on the roof
- aren't they wonderful?
With all this cold weather it's good that I'm having a hat-knitting craze.  Recently I bought Kate Davies's Hats of Midlothian pattern book and so far I have knitted Caller Herrin for myself.

As seen in Llandudno!

And Neep Heid for Eve for her birthday.

Both hats were knitted with Rowan's Fine Tweed - lovely.  More hats could be on the way, especially if there is no sign of warmer weather soon.  In fact more snow is forecast for tomorrow and Saturday, so the hats will definitely be needed.


  1. You are right about the weather - it felt much colder today, just as I thought it was starting to improve.

    The hats look good - you can never have too many!

  2. I love that hat! And you're right, they are much needed, we still had snow here in Belgium as well, and while I don't mind snow, I do mind the icy wind that accompanies it (not much fun on my bike :-) )


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