Wednesday 25 July 2012

Walk to Hightown

Well I guess you could call this summer.  The weather has definitely improved.

We (Hubby & me) decided to go for a walk yesterday along the coastal path to Hightown.  It's about two and a half miles there, but a very pleasant walk.

The beach was busy with some brave people venturing into the sea.  Although you can see that some people still had there jackets on.

As you walk along, Formby Point can be seen in the distance.

Lots of lovely flowers to see - don't ask me to name them.

There were plenty of other walkers  and numerous cyclists (the Bradley Wiggins Effect!).

When we got to Hightown we headed for the Hightown Hotel for a refreshing drink.

It was only on the walk home that I thought I should have taken some crocheting with me - it would have been very pleasant to sit in the shade and crochet away - next time, I'll remember.

Suitably refreshed we walked the two and a half miles back home.  On the way back we passed a flock of starlings taking advantage of the sunshine and warmth - who can blame them.

A very pleasant afternoon - and more energetic than I was last week on holiday.

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