Sunday 29 July 2012

Olympics and the New Rowan Magazine

Second full day of Olympic competition and how is it going for you?

So far we've watched some cycling, swimming, archery, shooting, judo, handball, volleyball, more cycling and more swimming.  I think we need to pace ourselves a bit more otherwise we'll achieve burnout before the end of the first week.

On a completely different subject, the new Rowan magazine, number 52, is now out.

This edition contains some delicious cable patterns and scrumptious Fair Isles.  I have my eye on these.

At the moment Rowan have 8 of the patterns from the magazine available for free download - so get them while you can.

On my wish list is this gorgeous patchwork blanket by Kaffe Fasset (this is one of the free patterns).

I'll never get round to making it but I can dream.

More realistically achievable is another free pattern for leg-warmers.

Now these are a definite possibility.

I just need to complete the seven projects I've already started!  More on that subject tomorrow.


  1. We went to see the cyclists go through Richmond Park today and yesterday. Got soaked today but it was still worth it. Going to check out those patterns. Thanks.

    1. We saw all the poor wet spectators but I bet the atmosphere was amazing.


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