Friday 15 June 2012

So Where Was I?

Revision and exam out of the way, I need to get organised and remember all the plans I had made during the revision period.  I must say, revising is a great way to be inspired... for everything other than revision.  I had some great ideas for things to make and do and now I have a fairly substantial list of things I want to tackle.

First of all there's all the work-in-progress that needs to be assessed.

I'm making a granny blanket for Eve for when she goes away to university.  I'm about a quarter of the way through that.

I'm knitting a sweater for Grace for her birthday.

The colouring of the yarn for the sweater is beautiful.

I'm also working on adapting a pattern from the 1950s for a short sleeved top with a cabled peplum.

And finally I'm knitting a cardigan  from my Olivia pattern.

This cardigan is now almost complete, so I'll be able to share the photos with you shortly.

Well that's just the big projects, lots of quick projects are on the list - I just need to find time to fit them in.

At the moment we have football on the the television - Euro 2012 and the US Open golf tournament started yesterday.  This all means plenty of sitting-and-watching-sport time which equates to knitting-and-crocheting time - so no excuse not to make good progress.

Having said that, I'm also back working on my family tree.  This is far too addictive to be true.  A whole day can pass tracing relatives and nothing else gets done!  But it is so much fun and I've made contact with numerous long lost relatives, discovered family members in far flung places and generally learnt so much.  Yesterday I spent working on my American relatives.  So if you're a member of the Parry family and you're reading this in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, hi, we may be related.


  1. LOVE the olivers pattern one the color is devine!

  2. Love your little crochet squares - what pretty colours !!! xox


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