Friday, 13 April 2012

Henry V

A bit of culture last night - we all (that's all four of us - yes hubby came too) went to the Playhouse in Liverpool to see a new production of Shakespeare's Henry V.

The production is a collaboration with the Globe Theatre and is directed by Dominic Dromgoole.  Last night was the opening night of the play and it is being performed in Liverpool until the 28th April.  After that it is touring the country before having a run at the Globe Theatre in June. 

It was a brilliant production,  I'm not familiar with this particular play but it wasn't too difficult to follow the action.  

Thankfully it wasn't a modern dress version.  The acting was excellent all round and there was a surprising amount of humour in the play (I thought it was all about fighting!).  This production featured significant musical accompaniments and a great dance scene at the end. 

We all enjoyed it and if you get a chance, I'd recommend you go and see it - even if just for the dancing at the end.  

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