Monday 16 April 2012

Finding Inspirations

I recently bought the latest edition of Mollie Makes.

I have now subscribed to this magazine, so in future it will be delivered to my door and I won't have to wait until I go to the shops to get my copy.  If you're not familiar with the magazine, it's a wonderful collection of handmade, homemade, vintage, collectible, lifestyle inspirations.

This month's magazine featured these.

They are cute little crochet daffodils fitted onto knitting needles - what a great idea - so simple and so effective - why didn't I think of that?  The idea comes from ingthings blog.  You can see her original blog post about the daffodils here.  What a lovely blog - very stylish photography.

Obviously, I have had to copy her idea - it's just too good to miss.  Here are my little daffodils.

And then I was reading the latest blog post from Lucy at Attic24 and couldn't help admiring the crochet blanket she is working on - so I used the idea to make a colourful mat for my vase of daffodils to stand on.

Lucy gives a great tutorial on crocheting a flat circle, here.

So put them all together and here is my new display.

What an inspiring time I'm having.  All I need now is some inspiration to do the housework!


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