Thursday, 16 February 2012

Petal Wristlets

A few blog posts ago I mentioned the adorable wristlets featured in Mollie Makes issue #10 designed by Monika Siwak.  Here are the objects of desire. 

Well I have now managed to make a version for myself.  The original pattern called for #50 crochet cotton thread - not easy to get hold off and very fine and labour-intensive!  My version of the wristlets is made using #10 thread, so although the final wristlets aren't as fine and dainty as Monika's, I think they still look pretty damn good. 

Obviously I made them yellow and pink!  I changed the lacy frilly bit - mine has more 'petals' and I didn't do a picot edging. 

It took quite a number of attempts to get it right but I am pleased with the finished results - well worth the effort. 


  1. Ooh they look really good :D x

  2. VERY pretty!! ^^

  3. Oh my goodness...those are so very pretty! I absolutely MUST make something similar for myself! I will give it a try, while praying for them to come out as nice as yours. Although mine will be a different color, yours look beautiful and sweet in yellow and pink. They would be a perfect frilly to wear for Easter and Mayday festivities.

  4. Oh my heavens those are beautiful! Any chance you will be writing up the pattern to share?


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