Thursday 23 February 2012

Pebble Fish

I've just joined a new group on Ravelry, called Pebble Dressing.  Feeling inspired by some of the finished projects of the other members, I grabbed a pebble (we have lots around the house - I seem to accumulate them) and crocheted up this little darling.

The pattern is called Merfish and it's by Knitalatte.  There's a photo tutorial available on how to make your own pebble fish, here.

I'll have to get down to the beach and accumulate some more pebbles - I'm feeling all inspired.


  1. Haha they are far too cute!

    I need to find me some pebbles - maybe at the weekend :D

  2. That's a really cute fish! I'll have to join smiles-a-lot in the pebble hunting group. :)


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