Monday, 4 April 2011

Afternoon Tea

The school holidays have begun.  Eve is busy studying and revising for her ever nearing exams.  So we treated ourselves with a little afternoon tea. 

I made cheese scones (delicious when straight from the oven), dainty sandwiches and lots of cranberry chocolate muffins.  Don't worry we didn't eat all the muffins - we saved a few for when the others get home!


  1. How lovely! I see you got out the tablecloth, the china cups and everything. I like your teacosy :-)
    Aisha xx

  2. Is that a self-made tea cosy? It's adorable :-)

  3. Thank you. Yes it is. The pattern is called Sunny Delight by Rosemary Harper and is from a book called 'Tea Cozies'.

  4. It all looks delightful.
    Your crochet tea cosy is very pretty.
    I just found your blog and am enjoying going back through the entries.
    Thanks for taking the time to type out the patterns.


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