Saturday 26 February 2011

Roger the Rat

Since the New Year I have started knitting up three cardi patterns. The first two are currently hibernating at the back of the cupboard. I had planned on knitting a new cardi for my birthday. I fancied Raine from the book Cherished by Kim Hargreaves. This is it.

I had bought some lovely black DK yarn back in January and thought this would make a smart, semi-formal cardi.

I've knitted the back and almost the left front, but with other commitments at the moment I soon found that I would have to knit quite intensely if I wanted to finish it in time - so I got a bit bored and now it looks like it's heading for the cupboard (for a short time, hopefully).

What do you do when you're bored with knitting a cardi? I can't just sit and not knit!

Knit a rat, of course!
This was so much more fun to knit than the cardi - it only took two evenings.

The pattern is from Claire Garland's book Knit and Purl Pets.
There are plenty more fun patterns in the book to make - but now I've been distracted into crocheting a doily. I will eventually finish the other projects but for now I'm enjoying being distracted.


  1. LOL! He's so cute. I don't knit - just crochet, but this is quite the guy. Best wishes, Ronda from

  2. Hi, came across your blog today. Your crochet projects are lovely. I love your crochet animals especially. Thanks for the pattern.


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