Saturday 19 February 2011

Centrepiece Tablecloth

It's always a battle in our house to gain access to the computer. My DH has been working at home all this week and has claimed the computer as his own. Fortunately the situation will improve in the near future. For my 50th birthday next month I'm getting my very own laptop. I will be able to sit in comfort in the living room at my favourite table and browse away.

Anyway, until then I have managed to muscle my way on to the computer so that I can show you my latest finished project.

I wanted to make something 'heirloom' for my up and coming birthday. It's a while since I've made a large crochet tablecloth so I thought I'd give it a go.

I found a pattern for a lovely circular tablecloth on Ravelry. Here is my finished version.

The pattern dates originally from 1911. The finished size is approximately 30 inches.

The pattern is free and is available here.

It's something to treasure and I've told Eve she'll be able to show it to her grandchildren and tell them how her mother made it for her 50th birthday. A little bit of history - whether they'll be impressed is another matter!


  1. It's beautiful! :)

    I just finished 3 doilies, one for each of my kids. I still have to make my own, each with the same pattern, to link us, sort of.

    I think it's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice, I too have worked this tablecloth, won 7th place at the state fair in Illinois, USA, which is honorable mention. I added a few extra rows to make the piece larger. I love Ravelry, they are very crochet friendly and all the wonderful shares.
    'til next time,

  3. Very beautiful! :) found your blog while looking for centerpiece patterns. I am your new follower

  4. Hi
    I have tried getting on to receive pattern is not available can you please email me at

  5. Hi
    Beautiful centrepiece, Tried getting the pattern but its not available. Can you please email me the pattern at

    1. Hi, I've updated the link in the post so you will be able to access the pattern directly now.


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