Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Patterns for Crochet Glittens

Following the completion of my knitted glittens, Mindy has asked me if I know of any good crochet patterns for glittens.

Looking through the database on Ravelry I've found these two.

The first is by Woodhill Designs and is available free here. It uses worsted weight yarn.

This pattern is by Sue Norrad and is available free here . It also uses worsted weight yarn.

I haven't tried either of these patterns so I can't comment on how easy/difficult they are but they both look like fun (no double pointed knitting needles!!) I might have a go at designing my own crochet glittens - but it'll have to wait until after Christmas - I'm definitely booked up until then!


  1. AHHHH!!! You are amazing! Thank you so much!

    Oh, it's so true...I'll have to figure out if I have time before Christmas, too. ;-)

    Thanks again--you're a gem!


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