Monday 22 November 2010

End of the Glittens

I have now finished my fourth pair of glittens.

This pair are for Grace - and will be the last for a while. It was a great pattern to do and I would certainly make more. They're really quick to make, don't take too much yarn and very practical.
But it's time to move on and I don't seem to be finding much time to work on my Christmas makes. I had planned on spending the weekend working flat out on Eve's alpine sweater - darts on the television - so no reason not to just sit and knit. However - I was totally gripped by the novel I was reading, couldn't put it down - so not as much knitting done as I had planned.

I'm also in the middle of yet another assignment - they seem to pop up all the time - but this should be the last one before Christmas - then it's non-stop knitting and crocheting all the way to Christmas!


  1. Wow: you are really good in knitting, but I like your Christmas decorations too! All very beautiful...

  2. Any chance you've found a good pattern like this for crocheting? ;-)

  3. Nice job! And how is knitting on dpns coming along? Are you a big fan of it now you've done 4 pairs of glittens on them, or not so much?

  4. Hi Lies,
    I can't say I'm a fan of dpns but they became more managable the more I used them. I'm glad I'm back knitting with staight needles now - they are so much quicker to knit with.


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