Thursday 14 October 2010

More Compass Rose Earrings

Before I show you the earrings I have made I would like to say what a joyful and moving experience it was to watch the Chilean miners being rescued yesterday. I wish them and all their families very best wishes for the future.

Here are a pair of earrings made from my Compass Rose pattern.

They are bright and cheerful and remind me of pizzas!

I didn't knit during the final week of revision before my exam and it seems to be taking a while to get back into the swing of things. Today I feel like I'm back to normal. The Olive cardi is back on track and I've started more glittens. I'm also starting to plan my Christmas makes - yes, it's getting nearer!


  1. Very pretty! And yes, as Christmas gets nearer, I think I'll also be making some of your snowflake earrings too! Thanks for the patterns!... and have a great day! ~tina

  2. You show us so many nice earrings on your blog. I really like these. // Eva

  3. Very nice ones. Would also be nice as a brooch or pendent, I believe.

  4. What a great idea Lia. A matching pendant or brooch would look really good.

  5. Hello,

    What a great idea. very nice ones. I like very much these. I think these are the latest design. Thanks a lot. Keep sharing.....for more information.


  6. I love how these look. I'll have to make a pair of these. Cute cute cute!


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