Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Exam Stress

I have an exam next Monday. My Open University module exam on Earth Sciences. It is perhaps a little late in the day to realise that maybe Sciences are really my subject - but I'll try my hardest anyway. This next week is going to be all about revision (but it would be a shame to neglect the knitting!)

On the knitting front, I'm making excellent progress on Nonna.

The colours are actually brighter than this in reality - hopefully it will photo better next time.

I love Fair Isle knitting because it seems to grow so fast. I've completed a full pattern repeat now and I've reached the armholes. Concentration is now called for, so it's been put to one side for the time being.

This last weekend was dominated by the Ryder Cup golf. Nonna requires too much attention to be suitable knitting for the event. So, a new project was called for. I chose Olive, a cardi from Rowan magazine #26 (from 1999). It's plain stocking stitch with a Peter Pan collar - very straight forward. I actually made this cardi back in 2000 using Rowan's felted tweed. It was a great cardi, I wore it all the time, until it shrank in the wash.

I'm now knitting it again - but this time in a washable yarn!

Finally I'm crocheting a tablecloth from a pattern dating back to 1917.

It's progressing smoothly at the moment but it is quite large so it will take a while to make.

Well now I had better get back to the revision. No doubt I'll be distracted into making other things over the next week, but I'll save the blogging until after the exam. Until then, have fun and be creative.


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