Saturday 11 September 2010

Stone Cosies

Because crochet projects can be quick and easily completed - they don't count as distractions!

So, last week, I ran up a trio of 'stone cosies'.
I used 4 ply sock yarn and improvised various circular motifs around each stone.

Fun to do - totally pointless - but maybe stones feel the cold too.

My DH thinks I need to get a hobby!


  1. they are soooo cute:)

  2. ...and here I was thinking that toilet paper cozies were t he most useless things ever. Still, they're pretty!

  3. I have a stone that could use one of them, its always freezing and if stones have feelings we should be nice to stones so if a stone gets cold you should warm it up, i put my stone on the radiator in the bathroom to keep it warm.


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