Thursday 2 September 2010

A Bit of a Distraction

My main knitting project, now that Grace's birthday is out of the way, is Olivia, the mohair cardi I am designing.

I'm making good progress with this and if I actually stuck to it I would have it finished by now - despite the fluff making me sneeze.

But - I am so easily distracted.

Grace bought the magazine, Inside Crochet, a few weeks ago and I was reaching for my crochet hook before you could stop me.
This capelet is made up of 42 hexagons.
I used a cheap yarn I've had in my stash for some time (details of pattern and yarn can be seen on my Ravelry page). It is a random-dyed yarn - purples and greens - it reminds me of witches and evil brews.
I don't know when I'll wear this capelet - but most of the time that isn't the reason why I make things - It's just the fun of the making that counts.

So now I should get back to Olivia - however, the fluff-factor does put me off a bit. So when we were sitting down to watch a DVD, Chocolat (watching it for the third time in as many weeks - but it is so good and Johnny Depp's Irish accent is hilarious) I grabbed some new yarn and started a new pattern.
The pattern is Peace by Kim Hargreaves from the book called Misty.

It's going so well, I've finished the back and I am half way up the left front.

When I get this one out of the way I will definitely, absolutely, most certainly, work on Olivia until it is finished!!


  1. Famous last words, huh? I do the same thing. That cardi is lovely and worth the distraction. From the pic, the capelet appears simple enough to wear with almost anything as summer transitions into fall. How pretty!

  2. Your capelet is so pretty, I like the colors!


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