Wednesday 3 March 2010

Finishing off and starting up

The spare room is decorated, the carpet laid, and looking good. Very PINK! We have a very colourful house.

I thought I had better take a photo before all the junk went back in, just as a reminder of how neat and tidy it could be.
It took all afternoon to move all the furniture and books and DVDs and arty stuff and everything else back into the room. Only the dart board to go back on the wall now. At least our bedroom is back to normal again.
I was exhausted by the end of it all - also a little downhearted - I'd spent ages clearing out stuff to the charity shop - but we still seem to have too much crap!

Anyway, the way to cheer yourself up is to start something new. So if you want to cheer yourself up big time - start something new times three!

I have cast on for three new projects. Firstly Daisy, a fitted short sleeved cardi by Kim Hargreaves from Breeze. I'm using Sirdar crofter yarn, left in my stash from when I made a sweater and my first socks.

Didn't get far into this as there are another 23 rows of moss stitch to do before you can really get going.

The second project I started was Pikenaze, a wrap by Louisa Harding from Little Cake. I'm using Twilley's Freedom Spirit yarn for this, again a leftover, this time from my Ravenscar cardi and head warmer.

I'm really enjoying knitting Louisa's patterns - I'll have to get more of her pattern books!

The third project is Homely by Sarah Hatton from Rowan studio 14.

It's a chunky pattern and after knitting a few rows I remembered why I don't really like heavier yarns - my wrists were aching already. Anyway It'll be a nice cardi for cooler days in the spring and summer - and should knit up fairly quickly.

With all these new projects I'm not neglecting my other projects (well not all of them anyway). I'm soldiering on with my birthday makes and the wonderful Oaksike will be finished today. Photos of that shortly.

We had a good end to the day, yesterday. All the hard work paid off as we were able to sit in comfort in our newly decorated room and watch a DVD.
Spoilt for a choice, we finally settled on Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality 2 - no matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh out loud.

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