Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My first ever socks

I could be a convert to sock-knitting.
These socks were fun to knit. I used a pattern called self-striping socks by freshisle fibers, which was really clear and easy to follow. The yarn is Sirdar crofter double knitting, and I used 3.75mm needles.

They are lovely and snug and finished at a leisurely pace over the weekend.

I didn't bother lining up the stripes on the two socks as they were more of an experiment then anything. I would definitely do this pattern again - socks all round for Christmas?

Talking of Christmas - I can't believe it's November already. Only 52 days to Christmas - I need to get organised. Eve and I tend to get over-excited about Christmas - lots to do, lots to make.

I've already made my Christmas cake, I know what design I'm going to use for my Christmas cards, now I need to start planning what I am going to be knitting and crocheting.
Eve found this great picture on Etsy of a meerkat nativity scene - I love it.
However, I already have two knitted nativity scenes (not meerkats) plus a number of knitted carol-singing mice. I've seen a few interesting patterns on ravelry, so I'll have to explore this further.

The problem is in order to keeps things a secret I won't be able to blog what I'm making until after Christmas - so it may look as though I'm not doing much when in fact I am frantically knitting and crocheting whenever the girls are out of the house.

Something that isn't a secret is a Santa toy I'm creating at the moment - I'll hopefully publish the pattern in the next few days so everyone can share.

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