Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunrise Cushion Cover

I've finally finished making all of my little squares - 162 in total.

I've sewn them all together and now my sunrise cushion cover is complete.

I love the abstract design and the way the colours blend together.

Reverse side of cushion cover

My favourite colours and early morning sunrises have been my inspiration.

I think it looks wonderful and it provides a lovely splash of colour that will see me through the long winter months - yellow and pink never fail to make me smile.  What are your feel good colours?


  1. Pinks and Purples for me - I love your cushion, really nice graduation of colour.

  2. Gorgeous cushion cover! So cheerful! X

  3. A real delight, the colours are stunning. I love shades of green.

  4. Absolutely lovely colour combination.


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