Thursday, 16 October 2014


I love buying new yarn, but I also love re-using old yarn.  I have a pile of cardigans I've knitted over the years but never fell totally in love with.  They're all waiting to be ripped out and re-knitted.  There is almost as much recycled yarn waiting to be re-knitted as there is new yarn.

The latest candidate for frogging was this very red scarf.

The pattern is lovely, an intricate lace panel.

I knitted it back in April 2004, but I've hardly worn it.  The problem is I wear a lot of pink and that red, is just a bit too red to co-ordinate with anything I've got.  Don't ask me why I chose to buy that colour.

So this is what the scarf has become.

The yarn is still very, very red but I might be able to work it into a Fair Isle pattern and tone down the redness.  Whatever it becomes, it's a good feeling giving new life to something that was unloved and unused.


  1. This is weird for me, but I didn't know that frogging meant unravelling your knitting. I am not sure what I thought it meant, I think something to do with frog fastenings. So I have learned something new today.

  2. That scarf was beautiful-but if it doesn't work for you re-cycling is a good option, red is not my colour either I have to say.
    New wool to play with though.

  3. I love the idea of reusing old yarn into something new and loved. I actually love the colour but then I do wear a lot of red.

  4. I admire you for being brave enough to recyle one project for another x

  5. When my children were small and outgrew jumpers I would undo them and knit something else using the yarn from 2 old ones in either stripes or with a fair isle border. Nowadays people treat clothes as disposable when they are outgrown, Couldn't afford to then

  6. I love doing that, too! I just had some friends look at me like I was a little kooky for even suggesting it. Yes, I take apart old blankets to make new ones...why is that so crazy? ;-)

  7. Oh! Could make the perfect little/mini stockings on a garland for Christmas?! X

    1. What a good idea. The colour would be very appropriate for Christmas decorations.


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