Saturday, 4 October 2014

All Change - Again

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my knitted skirt, they are all very much appreciated.

We had a busy day on Thursday, it was moving day - taking Eve back to Cambridge.  It's been a long summer break for her and it's been wonderful to have her home for such a long time.  But having got used to her being around all the time, it's now back to just the two of us and the house seems so much emptier without her.  I'm sure the term will fly by and it'll be no time at all before we go and collect her for the next break.

This is her last year at University, I'm sure it will be both hard work and very exciting.  Her room this year is lovely.  It's nice and big and it didn't take long to unpack and feel at home.

We left her to finish off unpacking, we said our goodbyes and had a wander around Cambridge before the long drive back up to Liverpool.

Emmanuel College - Front Court

Jesus Green

Trinity Street

Trinity Street

Because it's such a long journey, we usually share the driving.  When I'm the passenger, I like to have some knitting to do.  I "rediscovered" some knitting I had started ages ago, something destined to be a pink cardigan, and took this along with me.

I was going great until the return journey when the ball of yarn got itself tangled up under (and with) the seat of the car.  Whilst trying to unravel it I managed to drop a number of stitches.  By this time it was late in the evening, and with no street lighting on the motorways, I was left with a bit of a mess.  Moral of the story - don't knit in the dark in a fast moving car!


  1. I have been to Cambridge a couple of times such a pretty place. Your daughter will be back before you know it. Shame about your knitting project.

  2. Man her room is huge! Looks bigger then the one I had to share when I lived on campus at California State University, Long Beach.

    How long is the drive home?

    1. Yes, her room is huge, she's very lucky. The drive home is about four hours, if there are no traffic hold ups. So it's a eight hour round trip - a lot of driving in one day!


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