Tuesday, 7 October 2014

So What Next?

Well, I've now started the mittens to match my Tantallon Hat.

I'm using the Tantallon Fair Isle design but following the pattern for the Ursula mittens I made last winter.

I'm modifying the pattern to include a lined cuff - for extra warmth, and I'm making them slightly longer than the Ursula mittens.  I'll also add an i-cord edging to the cuffs, to match the hat.

I'm not sure my bits and pieces of pink 4 ply will last so I'm knitting them simultaneously to keep track of each colour.

The weather has turned rather nasty now.  Summer is definitely over.  Time for some comfort food, so I made a carrot cake using this recipe.

Very moist and yummy.  Knitting, carrot cake, a hot mug of tea - sounds perfect to me.


  1. Sounds perfect to me too, the carrot cake looks delicious.

  2. It is definitely the weather now for mitten knitting. Cake looks scrummy.

  3. Oh in deed!! Can I come round?!?! Lol! Loving that hat! Looking forward to seeing the matching mittens! X

  4. Hi Janet, scrummy cake. Hey my knitting knowledge must be improving a little because I actually know what an i-cord is-yay. The fair isle bit is still foggy though.


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